Minced Pork (500g Pack)

Our Minced Pork is ideal for using in your own recipe - you really will taste the difference

Supplied in a 500g Vacuum Pack

Cooking Idea: Pan-fry.
Before you start cooking remove the packaging. Heat up a frying pan on medium heat. While cooking: Put the pork mince in the pan and cook for 12 minutes until it’s brown, stirring every now and then. After cooking: Make sure the food is really hot all the way through, the juices are clear, and there’s no pink left. Remember, this is just a general guide.

Store separately from cooked product Cook thoroughly before consumption KEEP REFRIGERATED BELOW 5C

Whole Chain Assurance
Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) is the public body responsible for helping the Scottish red meat sector promote Specially Selected Pork, whilst maintaining standards in Scotland’s red meat industry. Our whole chain assurance scheme means only animals that meet our stringent assurance standards are eligible to be classed as Specially Selected Pork.