Atkin & Potts Dine – Chicken Stock (350g)

For an extra depth of flavor in your favorite soups, sauces, and casseroles, try Atkins & Potts Chicken Stock. This 350g pack of stock is the perfect way to upgrade your recipes to the level of a gourmet chef.  

DINE IN Chicken Stock is made with love and quality ingredients for you to create a special meal at home. Real food and time to enjoy it. This quick-to-use rich classic stock is the perfect base for making casseroles soups sauces stir-fries risotto and other gourmet dishes. Simply pour it into the dish you are making for extra depth of flavour.

Water Chicken Stock (4.1%) [(Water Chicken Stock Onion Powder Carrot Powder Ground Rosemary Ground Thyme) Dried Glucose Syrup Yeast Extracts Salt Natural Flavouring Sugar Rapeseed Oil] Sugar Tomato Paste Acidity Regulator; Lactic Acid